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User Feedback by AWAL
Organise your user's feedback in a uniform way to find relevant insight.
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AWAL is a platform that was built to support the independent music community, allowing those within it to grow their careers on their own terms. Our products are used every day by thousands of artists, managers and record labels to help them do this. It’s crucial that we maintain a continuous, open dialogue with our users so that we can ensure we’re building the tools that matter most to them. Whilst it’s great that we receive feedback and insight via different channels, it soon became challenging to centralise this information and to make it easily accessible to our product and design teams.

The flexibility that Coda offers has allowed us to organise our user’s feedback in a uniform way, making it easy to find relevant insight for the task at hand. Some of the attributes by which we can now instantly filter our user research include the following:

  • Product
  • Persona
  • Feedback type (e.g. feature request, pain point)
  • Customer territory

The Coda doc will continue to grow with our user research efforts, doing the hard work for us to collect and organise information from disparate sources.

Meet Stevie Elsworth

Senior Product Designer @ Kobalt Music / AWAL app.


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Meet Paul Griffiths

Product Manager @ Kobalt Music / AWAL App


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Meet John Scrugham

I love bringing new products & services to market. I’m a Product & Growth Strategist at Coda.

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User Feedback by AWAL
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