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To Do List
With so many ways to track your day, why settle with somebody else's system?
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With so many ways to track your day, why settle with somebody else’s system?

There are a lot of to-do apps out there. Some shoot fireworks when you check something off. Others have clever fonts that make it feel like you’re writing on a sheet of paper. The truth is, our to-do list is one of the most personal productivity tools in our arsenal. This doc lets us shape it to the way we actually work - whether we live by daily prioritization rituals, or by our calendar.

In this doc, we started with a few basic attributes of our to do list - description, checkbox, priority - and added a category to quickly distinguish between personal and work tasks. Then we created a Priority Board View to quickly shift items up and down the list, and additional Views for on deck and completed items.

As an avid list maker, I find that the category and priority are the two most important attributes of every list. Priority lets me quickly stack my day, and category reminds me the context of what I’m completing. In Coda, this lets me create Views of my list quickly so I can focus on burning down the list instead of rewriting it!

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Use views to view your work todos and personal todos separately.
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To Do List
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