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To-Do List (Adaptation of Shishir's template)
A to-do list that let's you link your tasks with external docs to remove all your pesky Chrome tabs 💥
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About this doc

This to-do list is an adaptation of Shishir’s To-Do List template. You still have your frogs, piles, and different views to triage your tasks. The big addition in this template is a way to prioritize all the docs and sheets you have open in Chrome with your task list.

If you are supposed to fill out another Coda doc, a CRM Google Sheet, or some other Google Doc, chances are you have this tab open right now in Chrome that you have to get to eventually. By storing that link in this template, you can prioritize the work associated with filling out one of these docs and remove all these tabs from your Chrome graveyard 👍.

Meet Brandon Trew

Brandon leads the rider pricing and promotions product team at Uber. His pet peeves are drowning in Chrome tabs and starred emails - the hopelessly inadequate previous to-do list system before Coda.

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Doc building blocks
Brandon Trew built this doc in Coda using these building blocks. Copy this doc to add on or customize as you see fit.
Make it easy to collect all of your to-dos and go through a series of steps to triage them, all with the same underlying data.
Easily add a new task at the click of a button.
Quickly calculate how many tasks you have to do and how many you need to triage.
Make it easy to organize your workflow and take you step by step through preparing your tasks for the week.
Coda is a new doc. It's kind of like Google docs meets Excel, except it can do magic tricks.
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To-Do List (Adaptation of Shishir's template)
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