The Birthday Bot

This doc sends a Slack message every hour, automatically, to amuse and annoy your colleague on their birthday.

About this doc

Want to show your colleague a good time on their birthday? So good that everyone in the office knows about it? This is your doc.

It sends a Slack message every hour to a Slack channel of your preference, containing a short text summary and image or GIF, about the birthday person, for all to see. Add fun facts, embarrassing facts, unknown facts, or just captions to funny photos. Don’t forget to add a lot of “@here” and “@channel” to make sure you get everyone’s attention.

Just add in the content, and with a Slack pack and an Automation, this doc will make for one fun day around the office.

Key features

About the Maker

Joe DiMento

Go-to-market at Coda. Outside of work: political enthusiast, occasional off-key singer, on-key father to an opinionated toddler.

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