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Tesla Checklist - Model 3
A Tesla checklist to help you get the most out of your Tesla Model 3. Tesla tasks, accessories, battery tips, and more to keep your Tesla Model 3 look like new.
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Keep your Tesla Model 3 looking new

As a new Tesla owner, I found I had to keep track of a handful of tasks to complete to make the most of my new purchase. Use this checklist to keep track of everything you need to do or buy to get the most out of your new car! This includes rebates to fill out, apps to install, and accessories to purchase. The doc also has tips on getting the most out of your battery life, how to access the fun Easter Eggs that come with your Tesla, and how to keep your Tesla looking like new!

What’s in this Tesla Model 3 checklist?

Some of the sections of this template to help you with your Tesla Model 3:

  • Tasks - Items you should take care of to get the most value out of your purchase (ex. rebates)
  • Accessories - Things you can consider purchasing as a new Model 3 owner
  • Fun Tips - The makers at Tesla have an amazing sense of humor.
  • Maximizing Battery - Tips to ensure longevity and maximum range with your battery.
  • Phantom Drain - Tow to prevent your car from losing range while it is idling
  • Washing Your Tesla - My recommendations on keeping your Tesla looking like new, inside and out!

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Tesla Checklist - Model 3
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