Team Personal Check-In

Personal check-ins help you get a sense of how your team is feeling before a meeting a project launch.

About this doc

This personal check-in doc is meant for your team to indicate how they are feeling with a simple red, yellow, and green indicator. Inspired by Chad Dickerson’s blog post, the check-in can be used as a kickoff to a meeting or project. After you add each team member to the doc, they can click a button to indicate their feelings. As the team leader, you get a high-level summary on how the team is feeling based on their check-ins. To hit the buttons on a mobile phone, just have the team members swipe their name and click on the appropriate button.

What each color represents:

  • Green: feeling good, focused, relaxed, and ready for any discussion
  • Yellow: somewhere in between
  • Red: having trouble focusing, extremely distracted, and/or feeling distressed

Key features

About the Maker

Al Chen

I build solutions for the Coda community. Former Excel spreadsheet addict.

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