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Simple financial statements

Don't let bloated financial software keep you down. Customize your books to exactly how you want to manage your project.

About this doc

Financial software can often feel way too heavyweight or cumbersome to use for a small project or relatively simple financials. With this simple template, you can track and report on the financials of a project or small business with ease, in whatever way fits your needs.

It starts with a single transactions table that specifies where the money came from and where it went for each transaction. Track as little or as much as you want. For the accounting buffs out there, this can work as a full general ledger if you want it to ー there’s even a viewer for t-tables for each account.

Key features

About the Maker

Matt Hudson

Product manager at Coda and father of two young boys (that I'd like to manage out of a Coda doc)...

@matthudson|Matt's templates


Simple financial statements

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