Simple Status Updates

Get historical data on the progress of your work, and keep your team accountable!

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“What’s the status?”. It’s a question that is enough to trigger PTSD for folks involved in project management roles. And it’s always been difficult for two reasons - 1. there is rarely a single source of truth for the latest update, because 2. it’s considered such a chore that it’s never consistently updated by the people doing the work. This template won’t solve all of the pain of status updates, but seeks to simplify a process that should take seconds out of your day - not minutes/hours of hunting in preparation for the weekly standup. Two tables, connected via lookups, add both simplicity and clarity to your projects - including the ability to go back in time and see how your work has progressed week over week!

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Evan Davies

If I'm not playing with Coda docs, I'm probably recording musical Codas :musical_score: at home. I'm constantly amazed by what I can build with this product - to think I was living in xls only two years ago! Haven't looked back :slight_smile:

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