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👋 Hi, I’m Chris, a Product Manager at BCG Digital Ventures (“BCGDV”). We partner with large Fortune 500 companies to build innovative technology startups, often in less than 12 months. You can read more about it here.

To scale our ventures, we use what we call workstreams. Inspired by agile methodology, a workstream is a temporary focus area for a small group of people. The model strikes just the right balance of focus, autonomy, and creativity to empower our small teams to take giant strides of progress within the venture.

Depending on the size of the venture, we’ll either all work together on the same core workstream, or divide the team into groups of six or seven to tackle multiple workstreams. We meet at daily scrums, or standups, where each member of the team talks about the tasks they completed the day before, where they’re blocked, and what they’ll work on that day.

How we run our scrums

This is the doc we use to run our daily scrum meetings. Looking a little closer at the doc, each task in Detailed Log has custom fields like owner, stage, due date, and priority. Feel free to add or change these columns to fit your team.

Personal Tasks shows each person’s individual tasks, which the team updates every morning before the scrum meeting. Then, when we meet for our daily scrum, we open Daily Scrum Meeting. Here we use a select list control to filter the board to each person’s tasks. This setup makes it easy to go around the table and talk about each person’s workload during the scrum.

There’s also a follow-up checklist below the task board to keep track of small to-do’s that pop up during the scrum. To top it off, I’ve included an automation to ping teammates when their tasks are overdue (you can turn it on in the automations panel).

Meet Chris Green

Hi, I’m Chris, a Product Manager at BCG Digital Ventures (“BCGDV”). I’m an entrepreneur, avid surfer 🏄, and can’t live without cold brew.

At BCGDV we partner with large Fortune 500 companies to build innovative technology startups. You can read more about it here.

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Scrum Doc from BCG Digital Ventures
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