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Recruiting Pipeline with Greenhouse
Track candidates in a doc that stays updated with changes from Greenhouse.
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We’ve noticed many recruiting teams supplement their applicant tracking system, like Greenhouse, with a series of spreadsheets or documents such as their Weekly Pipeline Reports, Coordination Trackers (see Box’s Candidate Coordination Doc as an example), Sourcing Trackers, Headcount Planners, Task Lists for Hiring Managers, and Referral trackers. With the Greenhouse Pack, Coda makes collaborating with your hiring manager easier than ever!

This template allows hiring managers and recruiters see:

  • Application data for their candidates from Greenhouse in a table
  • Live status of all recruits for all roles
  • Candidates with offers out to close these candidates!

Meet Kenny Mendes

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Meet John Scrugham

I love bringing new products & services to market. I’m a Product & Growth Strategist at Coda.

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Recruiting Pipeline with Greenhouse
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