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Profitable Course Guide for Teachable Instructors
This doc helps you go from a list of passions to a curriculum of a profitable online course.
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About this doc

This doc helps Teachable and other online course instructors find a course idea that will make money. Morgan Timm from Teachable argues that teaching online is most profitable when:

  • There is an audience for your course
  • Your course is narrow enough that you can get nitty gritty
  • You are an authority on the topic
  • You’ve gone back and validated your course idea

This doc walks you through the steps of identifying a profitable course idea. First, you’ll decide which of your passions will be the most impactful. Second, you become a thought leader in online communities where your target audience hangs out. Along the way, it’s important to track pain points of your audience in the online communities.

After you’ve identified and validated pain points, you’ll then list how you overcome pain points, step by step. Those steps then turn into lessons. Finally, you’ll create a curriculum that is perfectly tailored to your audience.

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Growth @Coda. Ask me about fly fishing 🎣.

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Profitable Course Guide for Teachable Instructors
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