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Persian Calendar
View Persian calendar dates using the Jalali calendar system
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Aside from the Gregorian Calendar System there is a widely used Persian Calendar System also known as the Jalali Calendar System that Coda does not support. This doc has a simple solution for supporting Persian Calendar System alongside the basic date system.

It simply includes a table of 366 records (equivalent to the amount of days in a leap year), named Jalali Calendar with auto generated columns (all formulas) mimicking the current Persian Calendar year (1389).

Since its a simple Coda table, you can easily convert any Gregorian Calendar Date to any part of its equivalent Persian Calendar Date (or vice versa), using lookup or filter.

Meet Babak Khorrami

I’m a technical leader and software engineer, and long time spreadsheets power user.

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Named formulas hold the references to Jalali months and days
Convert Gregorian dates to Jalali dates in a table
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Persian Calendar
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