Coda doc by Raul San Narciso Holguera Product Meetings
Groom and prioritize tasks before, during, and after your product meetings. Easily add tasks to product requirements and associate requirements with product releases.
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About this doc

Product meetings at use a system of grooming and prioritizing tasks. Some parts of this doc can be used during the meeting and other parts can be used outside of the meeting. You can add requirements for your next product release and associated tasks for those releases.

At Monday, we like to prefix Requirements with a “R,” so you’ll see requirements with “R3” or “R5” before the requirement name. This is a formulaic column so that it’s easy to reference that requirement when you are discussing them during and before/after the meeting.

Grooming tasks

During the meeting, we select a product release from a dropdown and view all the requirements and tasks associated with that release. Since the Tasks column is a formula, we can add tasks to this column by simply clicking a button in the same table and a new task gets added to the Tasks column. This process allows our team to “groom” requirements and tasks so that we are doing everything we can to launch a successful release of the product. The product owner is in charge of defining the requirements for each release, and this is done in the Requirements section outside of the meeting.

Prioritizing tasks

Prioritizing tasks during a product meeting is important because it helps our team to figure out exactly what to work on. This is a more granular view of our tasks and we assign a priority (from 1 to 5 stars) as well as the Type of task and the Owner. Some tasks are mundane chores while others can be features and bug fixes. A Status column is updated by the task owner so that the whole team knows where we stand with a specific task.

The filtered views of the main tasks table allows our team to see which tasks are blocked, done, in QA, and currently being worked on.

Watch a tutorial on how to use this template.

Meet Raul San Narciso Holguera

Raul was surfing (the web) when he saw Coda on Product Hunt. He immediately emailed our CEO asking for access. As the head of Product, he wanted a doc that would link his team’s feature list with their company OKRs—the first time we’ve seen an emoji slider in the wild.

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Easily add new tasks to a requirement with a button in the table in the Groom section and see the task show up right in the table.
Custom views of the main tasks table gives your team just the data they need about the progress of various tasks.
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