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Monday's User Feedback Tracker
A one-stop-shop for aggregating feedback from your customers
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Getting feedback from users is the easy part. But where do you turn at the end of your day when the inbox is full and your support tickets are plentiful? The answer is this doc. Monday used Coda’s integration with Zapier to pull in feedback from their email and Intercom conversations to one place so they can really learn from their customers. Couple that with a way to quickly tag and enter manual feedback requests, and they’ve got an all-in-one user feedback app.

Meet Raul San Narciso Holguera

Raul was surfing (the web) when he saw Coda on Product Hunt. He immediately emailed our CEO asking for access. As the head of Product, he wanted a doc that would link his team’s feature list with their company OKRs—the first time we’ve seen an emoji slider in the wild.

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Meet Evan Walden

Evan came to Coda through his co-founder Raul. Frankly, he didn’t take to it immediately—and neither did his team. But then it clicked: docs are apps, and this doc needed a backend. So he and Raul built a simple user experience to encourage weekly updates. Now the entire company runs on Coda.

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Monday's User Feedback Tracker
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