Coda doc by Campbell Sechrest
Mobile App Development & Roadmap by Rent the Runway
This mobile app development template provides transparency to all stakeholders about the mobile release process, and to facilitate communication and collaboration across teams.
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👋 Hi, I’m Campbell, and this is how my team at Rent the Runway manages releases of our mobile app.

Rent the Runway’s mobile app

2 out of 3 picks happen on the Rent the Runway app. Our mobile app also has 5X more sessions than than desktop. Unfortunately, our mobile app development process wasn’t exactly perfect before using Coda. We had long feature development cycles (leading to merge conflicts), QA was a bottleneck, and bug fixes might have been released for bugs reported more than a year ago.

To centralize a lot of the documentation, release notes, and feature roadmaps for the app, we turned to Coda as the single source of truth. When my team asks me about when the next app release is or if certain features will make it into the next release, I point them to our doc that is a one-stop-shop for all information relating to the mobile development process. Read this recap of a meetup where I presented our Coda doc.

One place for the mobile development feature roadmap, release dates, and FAQs

Instead of having information strewn across different docs, spreadsheets, and tools, Coda allows us to centralize all this information in one doc through the use of tables, layouts, and other building blocks. What you’ll find in this doc:

  • FAQs - The goals and logistics of the new mobile release schedule, basic information about our app releases, and how other teams can best coordinate with the Mobile team on launching their features in the RTR app.
  • Release Schedule - Calendar of planned app releases, feature go live dates, and other key dates across cross-functional teams. Also includes a board with the features scheduled to go in each upcoming release.
  • Feature Roadmap - An overview of all active features across teams and their respective targeted app versions.
  • Release Notes -A list of recent app releases and their included features/bug fixes, notes in the AppStore, and post-release retro notes.
  • On-Call Responsibilities - The responsibilities of the Mobile On Call Dev, a calendar linked to PagerDuty, and important things for all teams to consider when a team member is on call that cycle.

Meet Campbell Sechrest

Product Manager at Rent the Runway

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Mobile App Development & Roadmap by Rent the Runway
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