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Meeting Agenda Template for Effective Meetings
This meeting agenda template helps you run more effective meetings. A good meeting agenda increases the productivity of meetings because they establish what needs to occur before, during, and after a meeting.
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What is a meeting agenda?

A meeting agenda is a document given to all meeting attendees before the meeting. This document lists all the matters to be discussed during the meeting in a specific order. An agenda is more than just a list of things to do. An agenda is a meeting program designed to allow all relevant topics to be dealt with in good order and in good time.

Why do you need a meeting agenda?

The meeting agenda is the first thing attendees see ahead of a planned meeting. An agenda communicates important information about the meeting and what attendees have to do. An agenda also helps to ensure that a meeting is run efficiently and is a productive use of time. An agenda provides a guide to deal with the order of business—so that discussion stays on agreed topics—and to manage the time allocated for each topic.

This meeting agenda template

This template allows you to keep track of all your meetings and the individual agendas for those meetings. In order to keep people on track when they present their items on the agenda, a meeting timer is available in the template that shows you how much time has elapsed since that agenda item started.

Finally, there is a section to keep free-form notes about the meeting which you can copy and paste to put into the main meetings section.

Meet Ben Lee

As a previous Outdoor School Instructor at REI, I used Coda for everything from equipment management to timekeeping. I now work at Coda creating templates and love researching interesting and creative use-cases.

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Meeting Agenda Template for Effective Meetings
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