Little League Game Recaps

Automatically create little league game recaps based on player stats

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Do you find yourself creating the same report over and over? Or how many times have you opened up a template and typed over highlighted text?

Instead, use natural language generation to create human-sounding text from data. Set up logic to create words, sentences, and even entire pages of text. Then, when the data changes, so will the text.

Similar to mail merge, natural language generation can save hours of mind-numbing work and improve quality and consistency across your team.

In this template, we use natural language generation to automatically create little league baseball game recaps. But you could use the same logic to build a marketing analytics report, sales performance email, financial consulting report, or invoice (just to name a few).

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Justin Hales

Growth @Coda. Ask me about pickleball and fly fishing 🎣.

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