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Learn Like an Athlete by David Perell
Knowledge workers should train like athletes. Pick the right projects with defined start and end dates, develop new skills, and increase the skills you have with this template.
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“Similar to how LeBron structures his training to win NBA championships, knowledge workers should train to build skills, complete projects, and increase their productive power. Armed with an effective system, we’ll learn faster and have more fun doing it.”

A project tracker to learn like an athlete

This project tracker is based on this blog post by David Perell. The goal is to learn in three-month sprints to achieve some end result. This template allows you to track all the books you want to read, the people you want to study, and other projects you want to accomplish in the next 3 months. To start, you’ll write a positive vision about what you want to achieve, the purpose for your goal, and start and end dates.

You can then start adding items to your project tracker depending on whether it’s a book you want to read, person you want to research, or other miscellaneous projects. For each individual project, you can define the duration (in minutes) you want to spend on the project, the status, total estimated hours, and actual hours to complete the project.

Other features of this project tracker

  • Buttons to quickly add new items to your project tracker
  • A column that automatically calculates the difference between the estimated hours and actual hours to complete a project
  • High-level stats about the number of projects you are working on
  • Kanban board views of the books you want to read, people you want to research, and miscellaneous projects

Watch a tutorial on how to use this template.

Meet David Perell

David leads an online writing course called Write of Passage and hosts the popular North Star Podcast.

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Learn Like an Athlete by David Perell
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