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An experiment exploring customer sharing between local businesses
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First of all, what is this app for?

❤️ Local is part of an experiment we’re running to validate an app idea from one of our clients (a local business owner) before they jump into investing loads of time and money creating, developing and marketing it.

The experiment includes:

1️⃣ A customer-facing, non-code app (created with Carrd)

2️⃣ A business-facing, non-code app created with Coda (this one!)

Our client hypothesis

These days it’s difficult to run a successful local business, as it’s is very difficult to be discovered and find new customers, particularly with multinational chains and internet-based competition often offering much lower costs.

Connecting local businesses will enable:

  • Local businesses to share customers, gain new ones, grow engagement and increase their sales
  • Customers (locals & tourists) to discover good local businesses and benefit from special perks

Experiment goal

Create an app-like experience (for both customers and local businesses) that allows us to quickly and cheaply validate:

  • Whether we can motivate customers of one business to go to other business and become their customer too
  • Whether local businesses participating get new customers and see an increase of sales during experiment
  • Whether local businesses are committed to consistently track redeemed codes
  • Whether local businesses participating in experiment receive new online reviews / ratings

Experiment setup

The non-code app-like experience has been created by leveraging and connecting various online services. This will allow us to track the experiment (which will take place in Platja d’Aro, Costa Brava, during Easter holidays) and facilitate a basic app-like experience using smartphones.

1️⃣ Customer-facing app made with Carrd

The Customer users will access their unique web page via scanning a QR code provided by the Facilitator (our client). The Customer web pages are made using Carrd, all duplicates — only difference is the display of a unique customer code. This web page allows the user to see a list of the businesses and the benefits they offer for going and purchasing something. It also provides links to check and leave a reviews on Google and Facebook for each of the businesses listed.

2️⃣ Business-facing app made with Coda

The experience will be powered by 2 tables: Customer list and Business list, which feeds the Customer List table where everything is tracked. The Facilitator and the Local Businesses participating in the experiment will interact with their own instances of the Customer table. The experiment progress viewed in the Dashboard, which also relies on the Customer List table.

  • The Facilitator will be able to add new Customers as they onboard them, and activate their unique QR codes for the other local businesses to track
  • Each local businesses will track which Customer they give a reward to in Businesses section, where they will have access to a filtered list of active customer code buttons
  • To simplify tracking and minimize mistakes, we’ve created a dynamic view filtered by businesses name. Buttons are only active for the contact person of the business selected. For the experiment, we will remove the select and and only show a Business’s buttons to the contact person.

Post-experiment analysis

These are the key metrics we will be monitoring on the Dashboard:

  • Total number of activated QR codes (active customers)
  • Total number of rewards redeemed
  • Total number of redeems by business
  • Total number of new and returning visitors by business
  • We will also collect user feedback via the Typeform embed in the customer-facing app
  • One-to-one interviews will be scheduled with the local businesses after the pilot
  • Once we gather the data, we’ll debrief our client with the experiment insights and recommendations for next steps

With this up-front experiment, our client will be in a better position to decide, based on evidence, if they want to move forward with their idea or move on to something else, without going broke in the process! 💸💸💸

And finally…

Thank you so much to Jocelyn and Mallika at Coda for all their help and guidance. We are learning a lot 🙏🙏🙏

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