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Joana's Real-Time OKR + Jira Tracker
Create alignment across your team: high-level goals to granular work items, business to engineering, Coda to Jira.
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At Tempus, we had a spreadsheet for everything: quarterly goals, progress updates, retrospectives, product requests … sound familiar? We wanted a solution that could track progress towards our business goals, manage engineering resources, and keep a pulse on shared timelines - in real-time!

The Coda Jira Pack changed the game by creating alignment and tying together both ends: high-level to granular, business to engineering, Coda to Jira.

We’re now able to achieve:

  1. Visibility into shared higher-level Objectives & Key Results (OKRs).
  2. Transparency regarding Product’s prioritization frameworks.
  3. Real-time Engineering progress updates to stakeholders from a Jira Issue level rolling up to OKRs.

Not all OKRs are engineering-ready on day one. As a Product Manager, Coda allows us the flexibility needed to list out all OKR ideas, vet their IMPACT with business stakeholders, cross-check the EFFORT required to build with engineering leads, and effectively PRIORITIZE these in our Product backlog based on each OKR’s EFFORT-over-IMPACT score.

This Coda solution has also led to a positive shift in Tempus culture. By tracking Jira progress in real-time and understanding how tickets roll up to shared OKRs in Coda, team members are more likely to step in, self-organize, and lend a helping hand to their colleagues.

For more information on how to set great OKRs, please checkout Google’s OKR Playbook and other stories on

Meet Joana Machado

Hi 👋 my name is Joana, I’m a Product Manager at Tempus.

I love music and am always listening to something and discovering new artists. Fun fact, I’ve been to Lollapalooza every year I’ve lived in Chicago.

Ask me about Queijo (that’s what we call cheese in Brazil) and my two Bengal kitties Loki and Luna!

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Joana's Real-Time OKR + Jira Tracker
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