Intent HQ's Sales Forecaster

Watch that line go up and to the right. From maker Jonathan Lakin.

About this doc

Great for managing sales of any kind, this doc comes from Jonathan Lakin, CEO of the British AI company Intent HQ. It started as a basic CRM, but it became so much more. Use it to track all your deals, manage your Sales team, and forecast for investors. (Get ready to love bubble charts.)

Key features

About the Maker

Jonathan Lakin

Jonathan Lakin is the CEO of Intent HQ, as well as a lifelong investor of early-stage startups. So when he heard about us, he knew he had to try turning his docs and sheets into one Coda doc. His doc, now over a year old, has become key to handling all account management and sales forecasting for his business. And we love the way “chart” sounds in a British accent.

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