Homework Tracking

This homework tracking template helps you track due dates on assignments and details about your classes.

About this doc

Homework tracking can get complicated when you have many classes and assignments for each class. To add on to that, tracking special projects for your classes can be a pain too. What if all your assignments, special projects, and their due dates could be tracked in one place? That’s exactly what this template does.

Since the due dates for your assignments get color-coded as the due date gets closer (using conditional formatting), every time you open this doc you’ll see what’s due the soonest. If an item is past due, then it gets highlighted in black. Definitely useful to know in case some assignments fall through the cracks!

Key features

About the Maker

Shannelle Chua

When Shannelle starts using a spreadsheet to plan anything--lettering, enamel pins, or schoolwork--she knows she's serious about the idea. Milk tea is her creative fuel of choice.

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