Goal Tracker for Keep Productive

Track you goals and get them scheduled on your Google Calendar

About this doc

This goal-tracking app was built for the Keep Productive YouTube channel 📺.

Tracking your monthly and future goals just got easier with this template that integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar. Sometimes you have various goals that get repeated every month (e.g. fitness, writing, family) and you want to quickly add these goals every month. Using buttons, this template let’s you add a “template” of goals to your master goal tracker.

With the Google Calendar Pack, you can easily add your goals to your Google Calendar based on the start end dates of your goals.

Finally, with Automations, you can automatically get an e-mail sent to yourself when you set the timeline for a goal to the future.

Key features

About the Maker

Al Chen

I build solutions for the Coda community. Former Excel spreadsheet addict.

@Al_Chen_Coda|Al's templates

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