Coda doc by Al Chen
GTD: 3-Dimensional Self Management by David Allen
There are vertical and horizontal aspects of productivity. This template helps you plot your work on a matrix bound by control and perspective.
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Control and Perspective

Can you have one without the other—control without perspective, or vision without control? Ultimately, no. If you’re out of control, it’s almost impossible to maintain appropriate perspective. And if you can’t see things from the right altitude, you’ll lose control at some point. But relatively speaking, yes—there can be an imbalance.- David Allen

Self management with this template

This template helps you with self-management by showing how well your actions match your priorities. Your items can be entered into one of four quadrants:

  • Low control, low perspective - The Victim. Reacting to fires and tasks as they come.
  • High control, low perspective - The Micro Manager. Strong attention to detail but lacking the bigger picture.
  • Low control, high perspective - The Crazy Maker. Comes up with great ideas, but not able to estimate the correct amount of time and resources to follow through.
  • High control, high perspective - Master and Commander. Able to see the bigger picture but also has attention to detail.

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GTD: 3-Dimensional Self Management by David Allen
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