Finance Starter Kit

A starter kit for finance and operations professionals to streamline your processes in Coda

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At Coda, we’re re-thinking the primitives of excel and working to bring the best of that tool into a more flexible and dynamic surface. Many of our makers have built docs that run their teams, organize process and move work forward in a coordinated way.

This starter kit will guide the way for you to use Coda to do that too. See how you can crunch numbers, track KPIs, and more.

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Maria Marquis

When not nerding out on Coda docs, you can find Maria on stage, narrating audiobooks, or playing with her Golden Retriever, Ned or two calicos, Starbuck and Athena.

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Coda is a new doc that grows with your ideas
Maria Marquis used Coda to create this doc. Our early makers have built docs that launch products, run companies, and remind them to water plants. Learn More
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