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Fantasy Golf 2019 PGA Masters Pool
This Fantasy Golf PGA Masters 2019 Pool doc gives your friends and colleagues an interactive way to play fantasy golf for the 2019 PGA Masters tournament.
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About this doc

Play fantasy golf with your friends and colleagues with this 2019 PGA Masters tournament doc. This fantasy golf pool doc lets each person in the pool pick golfers for each group. A golf leaderboard for the tournament shows each golfer’s scores and who picked them during the 2019 PGA Masters tournament.

Some features of this template:

  • Odds for every golfer in every group to win the “green jacket”
  • Images of all golfers displayed using the Wikipedia Pack
  • Golf leaderboard of your friends and colleagues based on each round’s scores
  • Display of everyone’s picks by group

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Fantasy Golf 2019 PGA Masters Pool
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