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Date Night Seattle
The goal of this doc is to help you figure out where you’re going on your next date. While the content is specific to Seattle, buttons are included to replace activities and restaurants so you can use it in any city.
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When you’ve been with someone for awhile, it’s easy to want to stay in, cook, and watch re-runs of the X-Files every night. (Just me?) Maybe you’re just tired of doing the same first dates and want to shake things up. In any case, you might have a running list of date ideas or a spreadsheet of haphazardly organized activities. The goal of this doc is to help you decide on where your next date will be!

Seattle Date Ideas

You can filter your date list down by neighborhood, price, food type, and activity type. There’s also a section to randomly generate a date (activity + restaurant) within the same neighborhood.

If you’d like, you can set up an automation to text you and your partner on a weekly basis with the random date and weather forecast included.

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Date Night Seattle
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