Coda + Intercom: User Feedback Doc

Feedback is worth its weight in gold. This doc aggregates and organizes all your customer conversations, support tickets, and survey forms, into one powerful table. So nothing falls through the cracks.

About this doc

This User Feedback template brings your triage, product planning, and customer response all in one place ー so you can really learn from your customers. It’s your all-in-one user feedback app.

Once you add Coda into the Intercom Messenger Home, you’ll get an automatically configured version of this doc. From there, you can connect more data sources, configure your views and layouts, and bring your teams together. Check out more details on configuration here.

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About the Maker

Evan Davies

If I'm not playing with Coda docs, I'm probably recording musical Codas :musical_score: at home. I'm constantly amazed by what I can build with this product - to think I was living in xls only two years ago! Haven't looked back :slight_smile:

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