Clocking In a Timesheet + Gmail

Clock in/clock out your hours worked and email yourself a weekly timesheet with the Gmail Pack 📩

About this doc

Tracking when you clock in and clock out of work should be as simple as hitting a button. With this template, you can log your working hours, your lunch break, and see your weekly timesheet. With the Gmail Pack, you can e-mail your weekly timesheet to yourself, your HR department, or anyone else so that they are up to date on your hours worked. With this template, you can:

  • Log your hours worked (mobile-optimized) with the click of a button
  • E-mail your timesheet to yourself with the Gmail Pack
  • See trends in your hours worked with charts and the Calendar layout

Key features

About the Maker

Ben Lee

Ben works at a large outdoor retailer. His title is Outdoor Programs Instructor. He teaches classes like Learn to Kayak, Wilderness Survival, and more. Ben noticed that there was no easy way to track gear in the field and that instructors often had to resort to paper and pencil. Wanting all instructors to be on the same page and have an easier time tracking the gear they need for classes, Ben spent an afternoon building out his dream inventory manager in Coda. A clean layout and easy to use buttons make for a great solution.

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