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Clocking In a Timesheet + Gmail
Clock in/clock out your hours worked and email yourself a weekly timesheet with the Gmail Pack 📩
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About this doc

Tracking when you clock in and clock out of work should be as simple as hitting a button. With this template, you can log your working hours, your lunch break, and see your weekly timesheet. With the Gmail Pack, you can e-mail your weekly timesheet to yourself, your HR department, or anyone else so that they are up to date on your hours worked. With this template, you can:

  • Log your hours worked (mobile-optimized) with the click of a button
  • E-mail your timesheet to yourself with the Gmail Pack
  • See trends in your hours worked with charts and the Calendar layout

Meet Ben Lee

As a previous Outdoor School Instructor at REI, I used Coda for everything from equipment management to timekeeping. I now work at Coda creating templates and love researching interesting and creative use-cases.

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Clocking In a Timesheet + Gmail
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