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Celebrate Launches by Flatiron School
A simple way to celebrate your team's wins every week
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About this doc

👋 My team celebrates wins in a visible way…

At Flatiron School, my product team is building and shipping new features every week big and small. Sometimes it’s difficult to track all the things that get launched to our users every week, so I created this doc as a simple way to log all our product launches we are working on and the ones that have launched.

The Launches section tracks the launches that have been marked as “DONE” and the Upcoming Launches section tracks launches we are still working on. This template can also act as a product launch template for your users if you want them to know what features your team is working on!

Automations to remind us to celebrate

In addition to tracking launches, this doc sends me a weekly e-mail on Fridays at 9:00AM with all the launches we did for that week! By using a simple Automation, I get a nice e-mail summary of the table in the Launches section. There’s also a nice surprise behind the ☀️Celebrate button in the Launches section. Just a small little treat to keep your team entertained and proud of their launches 😄.

Meet Yu Chen

Angel Investor and Startup Advisor. Former product manager @ Flatiron School.

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Doc building blocks
Yu Chen built this doc in Coda using these building blocks. Copy this doc to add on or customize as you see fit.
Click on buttons to add new launches and to open up a website with more information about a launch.
An automation triggers an e-mail to get sent every Friday at 9AM to remind the team about the launches that have happened so far.
Coda is a new doc. It's kind of like Google docs meets Excel, except it can do magic tricks.
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Celebrate Launches by Flatiron School
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