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Blog SEO performance
Better understand your search data with the Google Console pack
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SEO is a key part of any content strategy. You’ve probably found yourself Googling for “SEO Best Practices”, “How to get more backlinks” or “Is my landing page working?”. When writing your content you’ll probably do what I just did of putting all the important keywords at the start and then monitor your site analytics to see if it works. Not that I was trying to optimize this with keywords and a click bait title. Not at all… 😏

What you really need to know though is how well all these fancy tricks are working, so you probably turn to Google Search Console to see how you’re actually ranking. The data isn’t always quite how you want it. Maybe you only want to see certain pages, compare some metadata over time or add your own notes and commentary.

Well now there is a Coda Pack for that. The Google Search Console Pack! Check out this template to see how best to use it.

Meet Glenn Jaume

Along with being a product manager with Coda, in his spare time Glenn runs a website for the board game curious, Best Play. That side project is what inspired his first Coda doc to help re-promote all of the content he was creating.

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Coda is a new doc. It's kind of like Google docs meets Excel, except it can do magic tricks.
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Blog SEO performance
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