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In college, I had the good fortune of meeting some awesome folks who liked to make music as much as I did. Within a few jam sessions we decided to take a big step in our collective relationship and became a band. And while the music making part was always a blast, I was unprepared for the sheer logistics of it all. From recording in the studio, to touring the country - there’s a lot of project management that wasn’t in my wheelhouse at the time. All this to say that I wish I had this template at the time. There are three main components. The basic to-do list to help me and my bandmates tracker our regular band-related activities. The album tracker that measures the progress for each album we’re working, from studio time to posting to our webpage. And the tour tracker where we can enter our dates/venues, communicate our schedule to our loyal fans, and to track expenses from each location (note we would have included revenue as well, but we were really paying for the privilege of touring as an unknown act). All of the important band tracking in one place - finally!

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