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This template is for soon-to-be parents considering what to name their little one. It includes data from the Social Security Administration of the top 100 baby names (boy and girl) from 5 decades, 2016, 1996, 1976, 1956, and 1936. There are views by letter (names starting only with ‘A’ for example), views for favorite names which get added as you check off new favorites, a section for more obscure names (those in the bottom 80 and never repeated in a top 100 list), and popular names. There’s even an ‘In Context’ section which allows you to see a baby’s name in context with middle- and last-names, and potential titles. Enter your middle and last names in the first section, and pick whether you’re having a boy or a girl (or leave that blank if it’s a surprise), and then use the doc. You can also add other names to consider more than 1,000.

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Joe DiMento

Go-to-market at Coda. Outside of work: political enthusiast, occasional off-key singer, on-key father to an opinionated toddler.

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