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Automated Roommate Chore Chart
Never put a chore wheel on the fridge again with this automated chores schedule.
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About this doc

Connect your Gmail account to automate email reminders for your roommates so that they know what chores they need to do and the deadline. The chore order and deadlines auto-populate so that you can set it and forget it. (Don’t want to use email? You can use Twilio to share reminders via text or Google Calendar to share invites and reminders.)

Making the chore wheel less boring

This doc was created because chores are a boring, annoying reality for a lot of households. To live in greater peace, harmony (and cleanliness!) with roommates, the chore wheel has gotten a 21st-century facelift to reflect the digital age. No need to create a physical chart that needs to be updated regularly or argue over who was the last one to clean the shower. Automated emails or texts can do the job of that one, hyper-organized roommate (we won’t name any names).

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Automated Roommate Chore Chart
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