Asset Update Manager

This doc will help you stay on top of release cycles and manage your assets with ease!

About this doc

A product update is always exciting, but it can be stressful to remember all of the updates you’ll need to make across help center articles, videos, classes, and print materials.

This doc is powered by a core table where you place all of your assets, and a dropdown menu where you can identify what’s been updated. The doc will then display every item that’s affected. You can then check that an update needs to happen, and assign an order. There’s even an entry field where you can manage incoming content requests from your organization.

Key features

About the Maker

Maria Marquis

When not nerding out on Coda docs, you can find Maria on stage, narrating audiobooks, or playing with her Golden Retriever, Ned or two calicos, Starbuck and Athena.

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