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πŸ—ƒ Analyst Starter Kit

Analyze and synthesize data with this Coda starter kit for analysts.

About this doc

At Coda, we’re re-thinking the primitives of excel and working to bring the best of that tool into a more flexible and dynamic surface. Many of our makers have built docs to help synthesize data, share summary views with teammates and translate insights into tangible action plans.

This starter kit will guide the way for you to use Coda to do that too. See how you can aggregate findings and build summary views to make data actionable:

  • A new type of spreadsheet with rich column formats
  • Use formulas in your doc to create dynamic e-mails
  • Create graphs and layouts of your data that adapt to your data

Key features

About the Maker

Maria Marquis

Coda employee.

@maria|Maria's templates


πŸ—ƒ Analyst Starter Kit

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