Coda for small businesses

Small businesses shouldn’t have big business bills. Coda is an all-in-one doc that can manage every part of your business from project planning to budgeting to inventory management to customer correspondence.

Screenshot of a small business team hub built in Coda - shows upcoming shifts for each employee

A few of the 25,000+ teams that run on Coda.

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One doc to replace all your apps.

Replace your costly SaaS subscriptions with a doc you can evolve as your business grows. And it only costs a fraction of what you would pay otherwise.
A look inside Coda that shows a Figma design file, a Jira tracker, and connections with Gmail and Slack
A product launch hub built in Coda - Coda brings all your information into one place

A doc you’ll never outgrow.

Breaking in a new niche tool is a pain. Coda is familiar and flexible like the docs you’re used to. With infinite pages and table views, you can evolve your doc as your business grows.

Get started your way.

Ready to streamline your operations? Try Coda today or sign-up for a demo to see how Coda can help you run your business.