Coda for project management

The best project plans are meticulous and organized. They also have a pulse. Coda is the all-in-one doc project managers use to create intuitive roadmaps (and simple to-do lists) everyone wants to use.

Project timeline in Coda - example timeline of project tasks by date

A few of the 25,000+ teams that run on Coda.

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Take the direct flight.

When your project is spread across tools, your day is spent in transit, hoping everything arrives in one piece. Unpack in Coda, where you can take notes, track progress, get reminders, communicate with teammates, and get feedback—with zero jet lag.
A look inside Coda that shows a Figma design file, a Jira tracker, and connections with Gmail and Slack
A screenshot of a project tracker built in Coda - a view of task name, status, due date, and more.

Spectacular views.

Projects with cross-functional dependencies and elaborate workflows can trip up even the most dedicated teams. Coda organizes the entirety of your project puzzle, creating the customized dashboards everyone needs to see the pieces that are relevant to them.

Get started your way.

Ready to track projects with more confidence and ease? Try Coda today or attend a demo webinar to see how Coda can help your team manage projects of all sizes.