6 reasons teams choose Coda over Asana.

Asana provides simple-but-isolated task tracking. Coda connects projects, knowledge, and collaboration—so your team can do great work, fast.

A few of the 25,000+ teams that run on Coda.

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1. No more silos—or wondering why a task is prioritized.

Project tracking in Asana. Feedback buried in comment threads. And decisions in a document. Coda brings it all into a single, collaborative working space.

Project tracking
Team meetings

2. Built for flexibility.

Your team needs more than a task board. Coda’s building blocks—nested pages, embedded content, and more—free your team to customize solutions that work for them.

Asana is very rigid and hard to customize... I love Coda's flexibility. With my team we use it to define roadmaps and scope projects.
Raul S.
Capterra Review

3. Limitless integrations connect your work and team.

Surface-level integrations let you peek into other apps. Coda’s Packs drive data-powered insights and workflows by pushing, pulling, and remixing data.

4. Anyone can build powerful workflows.

You don’t need a developer to create a time-saving tool. Just add a button, formula, or automation right into your Coda doc.

5. A unique approach to billing.

With Asana, you pay to give your entire team access. With Coda, everyone is free to view, edit, comment, and contribute. We only charge for people who create docs.

Calculate pricing for your team
Team size
Doc Makers
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at $36 per Doc Maker per month
Unlimited editor & viewer seats
50 Packs included
at $25 per seat per month
Your bill goes up with every new team member

6. Templates from the smartest teams we know.

Every tool has templates. But Coda’s templates are created and time-tested by the most productive teams on the planet.

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