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Coda guides: OKRs

Teams everywhere use Coda to brainstorm, set, and measure OKRs all in one doc—keeping the path to success clear of obstacles.

How businesses use Coda for OKRs.

The power of Coda is its flexibility. The beauty of the OKR process is its adaptability. Coda is used by more than 20,000 teams that have built the tools they need to achieve their goals. Check out these docs to see how Coda powered OKR process.

Learn more about OKRs.

OKRs are a strategic planning framework that focuses alignment and visibility on goals across the company and team. OKRs are the foundation for an organization’s strategy mapping process and overall business planning. These docs show how the process works from setting the best metrics to tracking OKRs.

Pattern OKR success with these templates.

Templates make it easy to get started in Coda with a few clicks. Use these templates to get a head-start on OKR planning for your team. Simply open the template, click copy, and get planning!

Bring OKRs to life in Coda.

If you want to visualize the path to OKR success, these videos will map out the path in four easy steps.

Get inspired in the Gallery.

Find more OKRs templates and resources in the Gallery.

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