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How Foraged cut their time to market by 2 months with Coda.

Jack Hamrick, Co-founder and CEO at Foraged, shares his experience with Coda.
Foraged needed to document their entire process and onboard partners, fast.
“When we first launched, our processes were super random. We just ended up with a million different things in a million places. We had a Miro board of ideas, Google Docs with user feedback, and we had Asana to track tasks.
After raising our seed round, we hired a product studio to build a custom platform, and we needed to get them up to speed on absolutely everything.”
“We needed to develop our execution path and find product-market fit at the same time, which meant we had to find a way to centralize our workflows and documentation.”
Jack Hamrick, Co-founder and CEO at Foraged
✏️ Project management
✅ Task tracking
🏆 Goal mapping
🤸 Flexibility
⚡ Lightning-speed onboarding
🧩 3rd-party integrations

Also considered
“It has this limitation that it’s really a project management tool and it’s great at that, but with marketing in particular, there’s a lot left wanting with sharing files, approving things, being able to communicate more readily rather than just having tasks and automation.”
Google Docs & Google Sheets
“Google Docs is so static — data doesn’t stay updated, and linking between items in the Google Suite is difficult.”
Foraged used Coda to create a centralized, dynamic documentation system that changed their business.
“We had so many tools, I didn’t know if another one could help. When we first started using Coda, it was for general product development: spreadsheets, interviews, etc. We ended up building this massive repository of ideas and documentation for our entire product in a single doc. When we hired a product studio, we just added them and they ran with it. It was seamless.
feature image Foraged.png
We loved it so much that when we hired our marketing agency partner, I created a template that did everything from calendar-ing, to project management, to approvals, to temperature checks. It was super easy to bring everyone in and it made the whole process a lot easier, especially with the Slack Pack.”
Coda docs at work for Foraged:
Partner hub
Product studio hub
Feedback form
Task tracker
Time saved:
🕐 5 hours per person, every week.
“That’s how much time everyone was wasting searching for information, formatting, and getting things to the right places.”
Time saved:
2 months faster to market.
“If we hadn’t had everything in Coda for product and tech, we would have lost weeks of time just consolidating that information to start our new initiatives.
It also would have taken a month longer for us to spin up our new marketing team.”
“Having so many templates and Packs (whether user-generated or provided by Coda) was a huge help. You can play with something, and then customize it, which makes adoption more successful both internally and with our partners.”
Jack Hamrick, Co-founder and CEO at Foraged

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