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You’ve written documentation, built spreadsheets, or tailored apps that run your team. As you consider shifting to new tools and ways of working, it’s vitally important that any switch safeguards your data and doesn’t distract from key business activities.

Coda’s Transition offering pairs you with a Solutions Architect (SA) who will deeply engage with your pre-existing tools, migrate your data into Coda, and co-build a doc that maintains the best aspects of your prior solution and unlocks new opportunities with Coda’s building blocks.

How we do it
We’ll share best practices to clean and prioritize your data which, once finalized, we will migrate into Coda. Together, we’ll re-build what you previously found useful and co-build brand new features that simplify and enhance your ways of working.
We’ll learn more about your unique transition needs and provide a price.
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The Building Blocks of a Transition

Coda’s Transition starts with detailed discovery of the most valued features of your previous tools, allowing us to map out where Coda should feel familiar to your team and where we can delight them with new building blocks that make their work easier.

Moving to Coda is also an opportunity to re-prioritize and potentially clean the data you collect for a fresh start that will scale with your team. Coda’s expert Makers will provide you with guidance for data cleaning and deep product knowledge to assist as you prioritize your migration.
With your data mapped and your priorities clarified, Coda experts will implement an end-to-end migration of your data, ensuring the integrity and accessibility of your data in your new Coda doc.

After a secure migration, our primary focus is on collaborative building of your new doc. Through cycles of building and feedback, we ensure your doc feels familiar to your team and valuable to each team member. Our Solution Architects have dual-expertise in building docs that scale with growth and in designing user experiences that make Coda accessible and intuitive for users.
The best doc still needs a plan to gain buy-in from broader stakeholders and to allow you and your team to easily onboard team members over time. We take a multi-pronged approach to supporting your launch according to your preferences, with interactive live-training for key users and detailed knowledge-bases for people to self-teach within the doc. In either case, we guarantee rapid response times during your doc roll-out to smooth any unexpected requests.
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