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You’ve got a vision for a doc that will simplify and strengthen the way you and your teams work. Whether you’ve found a template in our gallery that you want to make your own, or you want to fast-track your journey to building something brand new, Coda’s Solution Architects can partner with you to get it right on the first pass.

How we do it
We’ll co-build with you over 4 weeks, giving you a tailored learning plan so that you can make quick progress on your business need, and draw on our depth of expertise to help you build a doc that amplifies your best practices.
$5,000 one-time cost
Up to 2 Makers

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The Building Blocks of a Quickstart
One of the best ways to build quickly is to build with clarity, identifying the most impactful solution from the start. Coda’s expert Makers have built docs across industries and roles, and our first step in a Quickstart is a robust discovery to clarify the needs driving your doc and to uncover how we can build the best user experience for the people who will use it everyday.
Based on your goal for the 4 weeks we’ll shortcut your learning process, immediately identifying the Coda building blocks that you need to learn to deliver the most value. No dead-ends, and no wasted time. We’ll give you resources to study, once-per-week Learning sessions, and fast-response support to keep you moving forward every day.

With Quickstart you’re the star Maker. In weekly Co-building sessions we’ll actively coach you to build the core components of your doc, ensuring that you’re not only confident to explain the doc to others, but to carry your new skills into future projects. Each week we’ll build it better, adding new workflows and using rapid cycles of feedback to show you Coda patterns you might not have imagined were possible.
The result of your efforts in Quickstart are twofold:
You will have a key workflow in Coda that you can proudly share, with the polish and UX to draw in key team members, and the flexibility to evolve with ongoing feedback.
Equally important, you will emerge confident in your ability to build in Coda for your future needs and the broader success of your team.
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