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Case Studies

Netflix's Project Hub

Creating visibility across work & aligning an org.
is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service. Their Production Innovation organization empowers content creators — through new and emerging technologies — to tell their stories in impactful new ways. This organization needed a project management solution to plan, track, and create visibility across their hundreds of initiatives.
Each team within Production Innovation was tracking using their own tool: Google Sheets, Airtable, Monday, Asana.
Increasingly global operations with remote and timezone collaboration hurdles.
Leadership struggled with visibility and couldn’t provide the clear direction, guidance, or course correction to the org. In short, leadership wanted to lead rather than play catch up.
Coda and Netflix co-created a Project Hub doc ecosystem.
Each team designed their own project management spaces while connecting with project tracking data, allowing them to retain their unique way of running while surfacing key progress insights up to leadership.
“Coda as a platform for visibility — with flexible team spaces is so aligned with Netflix’s culture of . By focusing on people over structure, we gave leadership exactly what they needed while each unique team could run their own way. Going with any off-the-shelf “Project Management” app wouldn’t have worked.”

- , Manager of Project Management

It’s now much faster for Leadership to see duplicative work, so they can quickly consolidate efforts across teams, saving hours of misaligned project time. Netflix is starting to see patterns of current project efforts, and with this visibility, prioritizing work that more closely aligns with their objectives. This ensures that they are collectively pointing towards a north star across vastly different teams, locations, and people, and moving towards being the best at entertaining the world.
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