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Every team has their own unique needs and the cookie cutter solutions of today’s SaaS market just don’t work for you. If you’re considering building a tool with your own resources and engineers or hacking a spreadsheet to act like an app, you’re in the right place.

Coda’s Solutions Architects guide the discovery of your challenges and needs, and you’ll co-create a solution that evolves your process. Through the project, you’ll become an expert Coda maker, empowering you to scale the solution and create new tools as other business needs come across your plate.

“Out-of-the-box software had already decided how we should operate... Through exploring our rituals - like how to update teams on progress and review goals - we got to design the right tool, not adapt our ways to a tool.

Anne Purves
Director of Design Operations @ Pinterest
We’ll learn more about your unique application needs and provide a price and maker effort estimate.
How we work together
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The Building Blocks of a Build an App

In Build-an-App we’re we’re building a tailored Doc that simplifies your most impactful workflows. Our first step is a robust discovery to surface your team’s varied needs and to distill them into a shared vision of what we’re building together. This prioritization gives us clear measures of success and helps us to confirm that your team loves the most important building blocks of your solution, as early as possible.

Driven by a shared vision of your most important needs, we co-build your doc from the ground up. In every case we establish clear cycles of co-building and feedback, so that your primary Makers are intimately familiar with the building blocks of your Doc and so that your users can shape the inevitable improvements that we identify along the way. Our Solutions Architects are holistic Doc Makers, building for both an intuitive user experience and for performance as your doc grows in scope and usage.
With a Doc that is tailored to your team’s best ways of working, we know that communicating that value is essential in busy work environments. We’ll tailor demos to gain buy-in from skeptical stakeholders and create evergreen resources (in the form of videos, checklists, and any other documentation you need) to allow you and your team to easily onboard new team members over time. We guarantee rapid response times during your doc roll-out to smooth any unexpected requests.
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