Run meetings that transform your culture.

If you're trying to build inclusive meetings, start with your meetings. Why would you record notes in a Google doc, make updates in a spreadsheet, and adjust workbacks in Asana? Coda is a doc that brings all your notes, project specs and action items together.


Building blocks for fairer forums.
We’ve all sat in meetings that feel like echo chambers. Coda docs come with templatesーlike voting tables and meeting timersーto solicit honest, unbiased feedback and ensure that the best ideas, not just the loudest, are heard in your .
And once you perfect your patterns, with a you can add your own templates to a workspace, and encourage everyone to practice better meetings.

Let your doc do the talking...and the scheduling, Slacking, and emailing.
A few of the 25,000+ teams that 🏃 on Coda.
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