CSV ImporterImport and merge CSV files into existing Coda tables
Use this pack to import CSV data into your Coda tables. This is especially useful if you have an existing table into which you want to bring in csv data on a recurring basis, or if you want to overwrite data into existing rows by merging your CSV with the Coda Table instead of just appending new rows. This can also be incredibly powerful if you are trying to bring in data from a website that doesn't have any API yet.
What's in this Pack
All (7)Formulas (6)Buttons (1)
importCsvToCodaTableButtonimports the provided CSV file into a Coda table
ListDocTablesFormulaLists all tables in a given doc
getCsvColumnNamesFormulaGets the column names from a CSV file with headers
getColumnsFromSpreadsheetUrlFormulaGets the column names from a spreadsheet URL with headers
getCodaTableColumnNamesFormulaGets the column names for a coda table
getSuggestedColumnMappingsFormulaGets the suggested column mappings between a CSV file and a Coda Table in the format []
GetCodaApiTokenFormulaHelper function to get the name of the token being used with this pack
Docs using this Pack
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Docs using this Pack
Docs using this Pack
DetailsRelease 6Updated 1 month ago