Starter Exercises

Learn by doing
One of the best ways to learn Coda is by doing, but what if you don’t know where to start “doing” in Coda? That’s where these exercises come into play.
These will give you a chance to explore and practice with some specific goals. If you’ve got questions, or run into trouble, just post them here. You can also embed your docs for quick references:
Here’s what to expect:
Each exercise will start with the jobs to be done for the doc. Just like you would with your own situation, you’ll want to know your requirements when you start building.
We’ll include Coda features (and documentation) you should try to use in your doc
We’ll even include some bonus features to try to incorporate if you want to take the doc to the next level

Exercise 01 - Inventory Manager
✅ Job to Be Done
You have a collection of books or movies that you lend out to friends and family, but you’re tired of trying to remember who has what. You need a doc that is going to:
Have a record of every book or movie in your collection
Tell you what is checked out and by whom
Help you make recommendations
🛠 Try to Use
⭐️ Bonus

Exercise 02 - Trip Planner
✅ Job to Be Done
Congrats! You saved for the trip of your dreams. You’ve decided to go on the trip with 6 of your friends, and you’ve volunteered to organize. You need a doc that is going to:
Allow people to vote on what activities they’d like to do
Allow people to select and post the information about their flight
Allow people to post information with ideas they have for the trip
Categorize expenses so the group can divide costs
Send trip reminders to your friends (via slack, gmail, text, etc)
🛠Try to Use
⭐️ Bonus

Exercise 03 - To Do List
✅ Job to Be Done
You’ve got lots of things to do, and there are so many ways to manage a to do list. This exercise will help you explore a few different to-do list options. You need your doc to:
Allow you to quickly add new tasks to your tracker
See tasks in a kanban card view
See your tasks for the the week
See tasks in an view
See tasks in a view
See how many tasks you’ve completed and how many are left to complete
🛠Try to Use
⭐️ Bonus
Exercise 04 - Event Planner
✅ Job to Be Done
You’re getting ready to plan a fun event. You’ll be organizing the event and managing attendees.
You need your doc to:
Track the RSVPs
Share the itinerary for the event
Send reminders to attendees
Track the status of all event related tasks
🛠Try to Use
⭐️ Bonus
Exercise 05 - Meeting Notes
✅ Job to Be Done
You work on a distributed team and want to improve the ability for everyone to stay connected and apprised of activities. You’ve volunteered to create a team note manager. You need your doc to:
Have a repository of all your meeting notes
Send follow up emails to all meeting attendees
Track action items and progress of completion
🛠Try to Use
⭐️ Bonus
Exercise 06 - Time Tracker
✅ Job to Be Done
You work as a consultant, and need to track billable hours for your clients. You’ve decided to use a Coda doc to solve this problem. You need your doc to:
Track the amount of time you’ve spent on a task
Show the amount of time spent in total for each client
Give you a visual report of how you are spending your time
🛠Try to Use
⭐️ Bonus

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