Growth & GTM at Coda

The team tasked with bringing more makers to the world
In a world full of applications, why do documents and spreadsheets still run the world? And why haven’t they been updated in over 50 years? Coda is a new kind of doc that brings words, data, and teams together. It comes with a set of building blocks that anyone can combine to create a doc as powerful as an app.

Coda’s Growth & GTM Team is a deeply connected, cross-functional set of experts across roles in sales, customer success, marketing, business development, public relations, partnerships, and data science just to name a few. And while our team works traditionally on the “business” side of Coda, it’s an especially rare day for a member of our team if they don’t interact directly and meaningfully with product, design, engineering, people operations, and executive leadership.

This team shapes our go-to-market and sales strategies, influences our product roadmap, and helps define the company culture. We pursue right over the familiar and seek to tap into the makerness of everyone we meet.

We’re color-outside-the-lines strategists (who aren’t afraid to reinforce and observe the lines if they’re proven helpful). We trust our instincts and we
. We translate a horizontal product with seemingly infinite capabilities into powerful solutions for businesses of all sizes through 1:1 conversations, scaled support, and innovating marketing solutions and campaigns.

But we don’t just grow Coda’s business. We’re a fast-growth company where you can expect a fast-growth career. Ask any of our team members about their time at Coda, and you’ll hear about a breadth of opportunities to develop new professional skills and try on new roles.

Coda is recognized as one of the
. And we’re
of investors who believe in our vision of what happens when you remove artificial constructs around form factors, and bring words, data, and teams together in a doc.

Ready to learn more? Check out our team bios below to learn about the individual makers on our team, or select a team via the navigation bar at the top of this page to see some of their work and learn about their mission and values.

Come Coda with us!

Meet the Team

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Customer Champion
Meet Alice
Lead, Self-Serve
Meet Benjamin
Customer Success
Meet Ben
Customer Champion
Meet Ben
Growth Sales
Meet Ben
Account Executive
Meet Brian
Head of Sales, Success & Support
Meet Brian
Customer Success
Meet Casey
Lead, Customer Champions
Meet Charlotte
Customer Success
Meet Jamie
Customer Success
Meet Jason
Lead, Sales and Customer Success
Meet Joe
Customer Success
Meet John
Customer Success
Meet Katy
Customer Support Lead
Meet Kyleigh
Customer Champion
Meet Lena
Growth Marketing
Meet Melanie
Customer Champion
Meet Renita
Product Education
Meet Rocky
Customer Champion
Meet Shaina
Community Manager
Meet Stephanie
Customer Success
Meet Toni
Customer Champion
Meet Zac
Solutions, Partnerships, Marketing & Brand
Solutions Architect
Meet Al
Lead, Product & Corporate Marketing
Meet Andrew
Digital Ads
Meet Bilal
Social Media
Meet Brian
Brand Designer
Meet Eddie
Product Marketing
Meet Elaine
Meet Erin
Head of SPMB
Meet Evan
Solutions Architect
Meet Federico
Professional Services
Meet Hannah
Solutions Architect
Meet Justin
Lead, Brand
Meet Laura
Virtual Events
Meet Maria
Partnerships Lead
Meet Nick
PR / Comms
Meet Rachel
Meet Seth
Solutions Architect
Meet SiNing
Strategy, Operations, & Data Science
Data Science
Meet Ankur
Go-to-Market Operations
Meet Nick
Data Science
Meet Sohan
Head of Growth & GTM
Meet Matt
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